Creation of an HTML5 game like Radical using Phaser and Arcade Physics – step 1

There are a lot of vertical endless runner gamers covered on the blog lately, just to show how similar are all of them and how quickly you can create one of them once you know the basics.

Today it’s the time of Radical by BeaverTap Games, the guys behind Mikey Hooks which was also been covered in a series of tutorials.

In this first step we’ll see spaceship control, barriers and warp feature:

Playing is easy: tap on the left half of the screen to move left, and on the right half of the screen to move right.

The source code itself does not differ that much fromt the one used to create Rise Above or 2 Cars.

And you have your Radical game almost complete. Next time, vertical barriers, meanwhile download the source code.

  • Dylan

    Hey there! I appreciate you making this tutorial, but I really wish you had explained more, instead of just throwing a ton of code at the reader. As a relatively new user of Phaser, I’m not able to fully understand all the nuances of this, so it makes most lines confusing.

    • Emanuele Feronato

      I agree, but you can find a lot of more detailed Phaser tutorials on this blog, so you can learn the basics then move to more complex cases like this one

  • gary popenpill

    Hi, a demo like this is just as easy to make in plain javascript with no game engine. Ive enerv used a game engine before and looking into it, Why would i use this for my games, and not just code in js? Thanks

    • Emanuele Feronato

      Phaser will help you to add more features in an easier way than coding it by yourself