Creation of an HTML5 game like Radical using Phaser and Arcade Physics – step 2

So I am sure you heard about people going mad for infinite runner games, and here we go with the second step of Radical game.

In the first step we created the main engine, with barriers and a moving ship flying through them, now it’s time to create vertical walls.

This is what we are going to make:

Playing is easy: tap on the left half of the screen to move left, and on the right half of the screen to move right. If there aren’t walls on the sides, you can wrap around the screen.

Also, in previous step I did not comment the code, so here is the fully commented code. There isn’t that much stuff you shouldn’t already know if you follow the blog, anyway you should have a look at Phaser states and extending Sprite class.

Here we go:

Remember this is a golden era for endless runner games, so let me see if you manage to sort something interesting out of this prototype. Meanwhile, download the source code.