HTML5 game prototype like “Goat Rider” powered by Phaser and Arcade Physics

Did you play Goat Rider?

It’s a game by BeaverTap Games, I already blogged about their games, showing you prototypes of Mikey Hooks and Radical.

In Goat Rider you simply have to ride a goat with a weird set of characters including an elephant (yes, there should be “something” in the water BeaverTap guys drink).

Start with a tap/click, then tap and hold when the goat is red walking to the right, release when it’s white, walking to the left. If you fall down, then reload the page to restart.

Being just a simple prototype, the code is not commented yet, but it’s clearly entirely based on Arcade Physics:

Have a look at the code, leave a comment if it’s unclear, and next time I’ll add a timer, high scores and a more dynamic goat movement. Meanwhile, download the source code.

  • Ícaro Pereira

    Emanuele, hi there! I need some help. I’m trying to make a doodle jump clone for a friend. I’m studying Phaser, but.. I got a big problem! I saw that the Phaser games, at least the ones made with Intel XDK, are very low power. A simple game like one of the samples on Intel XDK didn’t make it well on my Galaxy Duos. And with Corona SDK, I got a better result.. BUT I do wanna make a mobile Phaser game. What should I do? I’m in need of some good advice! Thanks!