HTML5 prototype: player movement like in TwinSpin game with Phaser

TwinSpin was a fun Flash game I am not even able to find anymore. If you know a working link, please tell me. All I was able to find at the moment is an iOS version.

Basically you have two spinning orbs. Each orb spins around the other orb, one clockwise and one counter-clockwise. Tapping or clicking the screen, the spinning orb stops and the other orb starts spinning.

Have a look:

Click or tap to stop one orb and move another.

It would have been very easy to handle everything with a single sprite with an anchor point in the centre of the fixed orb making it rotate clockwise or counter clockwise but there’s a detail: orbs move along a circular path but do not rotate themselves.

We can solve it with three sprites: one for each orb and one for the arm. We’ll move orbs using trigonometry, and here is the very basic source code:

I don’t think it needs comments but anyway you are free to ask questions. Download the source code.