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HTML5 prototype of iOS game “Circle Path” made with Phaser

Emanuele Feronato Game design, HTML5, Javascript, Phaser

Just a couple of days ago I showed you a HTML5 prototype of TwinSpin game made with Phaser and since I always say you have to reuse your code as much as you can, here I am with a Circle Path prototype – well actually almost the complete game.

I am quite sure it was featured by Apple on its store.

Anyway, here it is. Just click or tap to stop the rotating circle on the target

On the official page the instructions say « Can you sense the future? Can you make momentary decisions? How good is your timing? Do you have high reflexes? »

I don’t know, I only know the source code is quite similar to the Twin Spin, the only different thing is I am using linear interpolation to make camera follow the action.

Yes I know there are more interesting ways to do this, but I wanted to introduce linear interpolation (lines 91-92) because I am making the same prototype in Unity too, then I’ll explain more in detail the making of both games.

Here is the source code:

And obviously you can download the source code. What’s your best score?

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