Play Risky Steps, my latest HTML5 game made with Phaser

Today I want you to play my latest HTML5 game made with Phaser called Risky Steps.

It’s built over the Circle Path prototype I showed you last week, just lie I built Crazy Clocks game was built over CLOCKS – The Game tutorial series.

Have a look:

If you have a mobile device, just point it to

The game is a simple vertical runner game, and it’s perfect to be included in the book Create HTML5 vertical endless runner cross platform games as a FREE update for everyone who has already purchased the book, so if you want to have actually the content of two books at the price of one, it’s your last call to buy the book.

Also, you will see a lot more about this game as I am porting it to iOS, Android and Facebook Canvas.

Complete tutorials coming next days, meanwhile play the game and get the book!

  • Jorge

    Hahaha, did you get Smart move XD

    • Emanuele Feronato

      Yeah, but I asked permission :)

  • great this is very useful for me