Enter the ID.net + Y8.com Game Contest! A $10,000 pool prize is waiting for you!

Are you ready to take part in a game contest with a $10,000 pool prize?

ID.net + Y8.com are hosting a game contest open to various game technologies as long as they use at least two ID.net features.

Y8.comID.net is an internet login system with all features we want to find in games, such as leaderboards and achievements.

Contest theme will be revealed in a few hours, let me explain the rules:

* Contest Theme is mandatory.
* Implement at least 2 ID.net Features before you compete for up to $5,000 cash prize!
* The contest is open for 7 full days. Afterwards, all entries are published live on Y8.com and evaluated for 7 days.
* Participate with unlimited amount of games entries!
* Each participant can submit a game on which he has IP rights, or ownership over it.

Read ID.net API Tools documentation at dev.id.net

Now, the most wanted thing, the prizes!

* 1st place: $5,000
* 2nd Place: $3,000
* 3rd place: $1,000
* 4th place: $500
* 5th place: $500

I am proud to be part of the jury of the contest, so register now and show me what you are able to do!

  • Santos

    It would be good to know how to implement their features, unfortunately I have never understood.

  • Hi Santos,

    The full ID tools documentation is at

    also, we have the forum as well:

    Can you describe which part of our API is problematic for you?


  • jb

    rules 7.2 : None award will be granted without a proper invoice including the aforesaid mentions. Invoicing in my country needs registering a company… lol

    • Hi there,

      Well, the hardest things in this case, would be making the game, and winning a prize :) Arranging the papers and invoices will be a piece of cake for us, as we’ve worked with more than 600 different developers and studios, from all across the world :)

      Thanks for sharing your doubts.

      • jb

        The trick is, invoicing means creating a legal structure in my country costs more than the prize unless winning first position ;) so unless you already have it, it’s not worth it and it’s illegal here to invoice if you have no legal structure whereas other contests just say, congrats you won here is a paypal or a wire (and for the taxman just say you earn from a contest, congrats). That being said, i look forward to play at the games.