Create HTML5 Vertical Endless Runner cross platform games

Using Phaser framework and other FREE software
Endless runner games are gaining more and more popularity and they are really easy to code.
I will take you by hand through the creation of a complete HTML5 vertical endless runner cross platform game with a lot of features and room for customization.
100 pages + 31 source code examples with a free update to come in a few days.

Run a HTML5 games portal the quick and easy way with Best Arcade Script

Emanuele Feronato Monetize, Php

If you want to make money with HTML5 games, actually making HTML5 games is not the only available option. You can create your own games portal and earn with in-site ads just like most websites do.

During the life of this blog I published some interesting success stories:

* From zero to a successful Flash arcade site

* 4 steps to turn your Flash Arcade site into a two million visitors/month portal

* Case history: creating a successful niche Flash arcade site

When it comes to run a game portal, the first question is “how should I design it?” followed by “where can I find the games?”.

While there are some WordPress solutions which provided a game portal theme ready to run, some people do not like WordPress because they don’t want to deal with themes and plugins, and prefer a “plug and play” solution with a simpler learning curve.

This is when Best Arcade Script comes into play.

Designed with ease of use in mind, while being full of options like most WordPress solutions, it only requires a server running PHP and a MySql database.

Everything is simple and fast when you configure Best Arcade Script, you don’t even have a real user management as you only have to protect your admin area with .htpasswd – if you don’t know what I am talking about, here’s a useful link.

During my test, I was able to import all GamePix games with a simple click. Everything is also ready to be monetized thanks to built-in ads space.

Let’s have a look at its core features:

* Cross Platform and Responsive Design
* Drag & Slide interface
* Pre Game Pages
* Dynamic Content
* Slidable Menu
* Dynamic Categories
* Lightweight (maximum 3MiB only)
* Resource-Saving
* Unique Smart Rating Widget
* Social Buttons and Widgets
* Search Engine width a Search Bar
* HTML5, Flash (swf, dcr), Unity 3D, Embedded Games
* More Than 1,700 Importable High Quality HTML5 Arcade Content
* More Than 57,000 Importable Games

You can also have a look at four demo sites, working perfectly both on desktop and mobile devices: HTML5 Games Arcade, Forever Alone Games, Colorful Neon Arcade and Pink Pony Arcade.

I am preparing a full review and an how-to guide, but meanwhile if you are looking for a quick, easy and lightweight way to run your own games portal, Best Arcade Script may be your solution.

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From null to full HTML5 cross platform game

I will take you by hand from the bare bones of JavaScript programming through the creation of a full cross platform HTML5 game, with detailed explainations and source code.

If you don't know where to start, then From null to full HTML5 cross platform game is the book for you.

Comments 4

  1. Pedro

    Arcade sites are over-saturated. I’ve got some portals based on a famous arcade script since last autumn and I only get about 20 page views per day, in total.

    There’re important tips to be unique and rank better like:
    – Look for a good niche.
    – Look for a very good domain (short, without more than 2 words, without characters, without numbers, containing your primary keyword, .COM, …)
    – Write your own game descriptions!!!!!!!!!
    – Write good quality descriptions for categories.
    – Look for new games, rare games, indies, games generally little disseminated but good quality.
    – Look for games on most played lists from other sites.
    – Pay special attention to mobile user experience.
    – Build a good social-networks strategy.

    So, I’ve reached the conclusion that coding your own portal from zero is the better way. Much games feeded by arcade scripts are poor quality and you waste lot of time looking for the bests and changing their thumbnail, description and tagging them correctly. Also, having a clear source code is very important, so you’ll get an unique site and a clearer source code with a good structured data and rich snippets, without unnecessary stuffs, coding yourself your own portal.

    As summary, I propose two questions to reflect:
    1º. Do you prefer waste your time customizing an script to make it unique and making new content for the same games that are all in hundreds of portals?? or do you think that it’s better to waste that time (probably more, but not much if you reuse the code in more arcade niches ) coding your own site and uploading only certain selected games??
    2º. Do you really think that to have many stuffs is good to rank better or to have a better user experience?? don’t you think that less is more?? Think about it like a 13 years old user that loads your site with a tablet.

    Now I’m coding my own arcade site with a clear template based on a jquery grid layout and making scripts to download automatically gamefiles and descriptions from certain websites to my localhost to create an ordered big repository offline to help myself to choose games. I will continue with my most visited site based on arcade script and switch to my new arcade site in the others to compare.

  2. Friv

    With all respect to Emanuele, post looks like advertising, because this script looks terrible with a lot of unnecessary in-code elements, especially on pre-game/game pages. Who is searching really nice script for HTML5 games portal I can recommend and Both have great solutions to build own quality tablet site.

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