HTML5 “2048” game made with Phaser updated to 2.4.6

About two years ago I published my first complete prototype of a game made with Phaser, in the post How to create a complete HTML5 “2048” game with Phaser. I was using Phaser 2 at the time, while now we have 2.4.6 so I thought it was time to update the prototype.

You know the game, the famous 2048

Play with WASD keys and try to get to 2048. Here is the updated and commented source code:

It would also be interesting to publish a step by step guide and turn it into a complete game, meanwhile download the source code.

  • Hi Emanuele,
    I havent checked the source code but the new version seems to be much more slower than previous version.

    • I recently did the original tutorial in 2.4.6 (albeit in TypeScript) and didn’t have the slowdown issues. I’m wondering if perhaps the changes to the key checking logic cause the slowdown. I’ve definitely noticed it the more squares on the board.