Create a HTML5 game like Planet Revenge using Phaser and ARCADE physics.

I am try to solve all levels of Planet Revenge iOS game.


Guide your UFO safely across 100 levels over five different worlds each with different surfaces and gravity effects. Navigate around the obstacles to complete the worlds in as few attempts as possible!

It’s a fun game, but moreover it’s quite easy to make, and I am showing you a step by step guide about the making of this game using Phaser.


First, we need to create the game itself and place the spaceship on the stage:

And here it is the spaceship, ready to fly.

Now let’s add some action to the game


To move the spaceship horizontally, as well as to control it and check for collisions later in the game, we need to setup ARCADE physics engine, adding a listener waiting for an input, then apply spaceship body an horizontal velocity:

Click or play on the canvas to make the spaceship fly. Bye bye spaceship


We can handle spaceship trail with a particle emitter:

And now when you click or tap on the canvas, spaceship will leave a trail

Moreover, the game will restart when the spaceship leaves the stage to the right.


The last features we are going to add today are gravity and thrust. We will keep the spaceship accelerate upwards as long as the player keeps the input on the canvas, and leave it fall down whe input is released:

And this is the result:

Tap and hold to make the spaceship move up, leave the input to make it fall down.

That’s all for this first step, we are going to add four more improvements next time, meanwhile download the source code.