Create a HTML5 level select screen controlled by swipe – new features: bug fixes and animation when selecting locked levels

Another week, another update to my HTML5 level select screen controlled by swipe.

A small recap is due: I started with the first prototype to add level selection, page navigation and saving progress with stars and locked levels.

Then a user showed me a bug and I found another one, moreover I wanted to add a new feature to make level thumbnails shake if the player selects a locked level like I did in another prototype: HTML5 Phaser Tutorial: how to create a level selection screen with locked levels and stars.

So here we go with this new version:

Now the double swipe bug has been fixed and if you select a locked level, you will have a “wrong level” animation.

This is the resulting source code, with new lines highlighted:

Thank you as always for your precious feedback, if you find bugs or want new features, leave a comment, meanwhile download the source code.

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    Can you share something like this for Corona SDK? HTML5 games are cool, but apps are the best, players download your app and they easy play it anywhere. For HTML5 game you need to open a browser, visit a website load and play the game, plus webmasters asking source code to be hosted. That’s why I would like to see more Android/iOS games tutorials, tips and tricks…Regards