Minibook “Create HTML5 Vertical Endless Runner cross platform games” gets a BIG update with a whole new game!

About one month ago I showed you my Double Lane game saying it would be part of next update of my second minibook Create HTML5 vertical endless runner cross platform games

That’s why today I released this big update for my second mini-book Create HTML5 Vertical Endless Runner cross platform games.

The book is performing very well and I expect it to be the best resource to learn about vertical endless runner cross platform games thanks to its 143 pages, 48 examples and two complete games. It has also been updated to Phaser 2.4.7

These are the games you will learn to make, you may have to click or tap on their canvas to make them start.

If you have a mobile, point your browser here and here and play!

Each step in the making of each game has been carefully explained in order to make you learn everything about them. If you know my style of writing, you already know each line of code is fully explained.

The book is for every audience, from novice JavaScript users which will be taken by hand to advanced developers looking for some tricks using Phaser framework.

With more than 130 Phaser tutorials, you won’t find a book written by a more prolific Phaser programmer.

I will take you by hand through the creation of TWO endless runner games using Phaser framework, not only showing you how to code any single feature of each game, but even adding room for improvement and customization covering, among other things:

* Setting up a Phaser project

* Creating Phaser states

* Preloading graphics and sounds

* Creating buttons

* Using tweens to quickly create animations

* Adding sprites and images to the game and applying tint filters to change their color on the fly

* Using ARCADE Physics engine – provided with Phaser – to manage movement and collision of sprites

* Playing background music and sounds

* Using particles to create smoke trails and explosions

* Handling and saving high scores

* Adapting the game to various resolutions

* Creating custom listeners and signals

* Handling player input with touch, click and keyboard.

By the end of the book, you will know how to create cross-platform endless runner games building two professional looking games

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