HTML5 Dungeon Raid tile engine made with Phaser

With the new match-three games like Bejeweled Stars starting to conquer the mobile market once again, it’s time to port some of my old match-three tutorials to HTML5 and Phaser, as well as to start writing new ones.

I am going to start with a basic prototype of Dungeon Raid engine. I wrote a lot about this game as you can see, and with its engine I made Globez game which is also available as a full commented HTML5 source code but for those of you which just want to see the basics, here is an HTML5 prototype:

You can select circles by connecting them horizontally, vertically and diagonally and you can also backtrack. The images I used are the circle itself and a sprite sheet with two arrows:

These arrows will be rotated accordingly once we know their directions. Here is the source code, no need to comment it a lot because the whole theory has been explained in Dungeon Raid tutorial series.

You can also download the source code while you wait the port of this minigame I made in only 2Kb.

If you are interested in a more commented and detailed example of this kind of engine, check my full commented HTML5 source code.