Match 3 Bejeweled HTML5 prototype made with Phaser

When I blogged about the HTML5 Dungeon Raid tile engine made with Phaser I told you I am expecting a great match 3 genre comeback thanks to games like Bejeweled Stars.

This is an old prototype of a complete match 3 engine I made with Phaser, I used it to make some tests, so the source code is not commented, but it has all features you should expect in these kind of games, such as swipe to move gems, tap to select gems, combos and so on, and if you open your console it will also log what’s happening and which gems you are matching.

Have a try:

And this is the source code, it’s not commented but I am finding it quite clear, have a look:

And yes, maybe there’s an upcoming book about match 3 games, stay tuned and meanwhile download the source code.

  • Awesome prototype. :) I love Bejeweled game.

  • Jean

    great prototype, locking forward to reading your book about implementing a Bejeweled (or match 3 in general) like game in Phaser.

  • Kate

    Very good, thanks.