HTML5 Drag and Match engine made with Phaser updated to Phaser 2.5.0

One of the things I love about Phaser is it gets updated extremely often, always looking for new features to add and new stuff to optimize.

About two years ago I blogged about a Drag and Match engine, and since during these days I am making some experiments with Match 3 engines like the Bejeweled engine I blogged about some days ago, it’s time to update the prototype to Phaser 2.5.0 as I am going to add new features during next days.

So here it is:

You should know how to play with it, just select a square and drag horizontally or vertically to move the entire row or column.

And this is the source code, still uncommented because I will add full comments to the code when new features will be added, at least to make the prototype a little more playable.

While I am turning it into a fully featured prototype you can download the source code and let me know if you manage to make something interesting out of it.