Create HTML5 Vertical Endless Runner cross platform games

Using Phaser framework and other FREE software
Endless runner games are gaining more and more popularity and they are really easy to code.
I will take you by hand through the creation of a complete HTML5 vertical endless runner cross platform game with a lot of features and room for customization.
100 pages + 31 source code examples with a free update to come in a few days.

FGL Enhance goes 2.0 with a lot of new features

Emanuele Feronato Android, iOS, Monetize

If you are an old time reader you surely know I am a big fan of FGL guys, they changed the way to make money with Flash games, got some nice ideas about monetizing HTML5 games and about a year ago they launched FGL Enhance to quickly monetize mobile games without even changing a line of code, just uploading to their servers the final application packages.

This is really useful if you are making HTML5 games and porting them to mobile phones, because you don’t have to deal with plugins to include ads into your games.

According to their official blog post, now Enhance has been updated to 2.0, adding among other things these features>

* Full iOS support, now you can use Enhance to rapidly deploy SDKs on iOS as well as Android apps.

* Support for more IDEs and languages, now including Unity, Android (Java), iOS (Obj-C), OpenFL and Adobe AIR. Just drag the library into your project then add Enhance codes for interstitial, rewarded video or analytics. If you are making HTML5 games, there’s no way at the moment to include interstitial ads but you can use pre-game ads.

* FGL or user managed ad-mediation, which means you don’t have to sign-up for any ad networks at all and mediation is changed daily to reflect the best paying ads. Obviously if you already signed up to any network by yourself you can keep working with your account and use FGL to try to improve your revenue.

I am about to using Enhance to monetize my next HTML5 game being ported on native app stores, so stay tuned for a complete report, meanwhile have a look at FGL Enhance 2.0.

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From null to full HTML5 cross platform game

I will take you by hand from the bare bones of JavaScript programming through the creation of a full cross platform HTML5 game, with detailed explainations and source code.

If you don't know where to start, then From null to full HTML5 cross platform game is the book for you.

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