HTML5 Down The Mountain game prototype made with Phaser – making hops more realistic

Do you remember my tutotial series about Down The Mountain game?

The prototype works using hexagons to simulate isometric cubes – read this post for more information – but if you play at the latest prototype I published you will notice characther movement does not give the feeling of something actually jumping down, because it moves straight to its destination because of the tween I’ve set.

So we are going to use a Bezier curve – more information at this post – to give the tween a fake idea of an isometric jump, the result is exactly what you would expect:

Play with left and right arrow keys to make the character jump down the mountain block by block.

I modified a bit the source code, also added a fade effect when blocks disappear and next time I’ll update everything to the latest Phaser version and add some comments.

I also highlighted the lines which simulate the isometric jump using Bezier curves in tweens. You can play with these values to get a different kind of movement.

As usual, download the source code and experiment!

  • Hi Emanuele! Can write an article with several examples of html5 boot loaders?