HTML5 prototype of iOS hit “Hero Slide” made with Phaser

Did you play Hero Slide?

Awarded as TouchArcade Game of the Week, it’s a simple but clever game, half 2048 (read the tutorial series of this game) and half Dungeon Raid (read the tutorial series of this game too).

It’s the right kind of game to create a tutorial series, and here it is with the first part, where we will learn how to:

* Initialize the game
* Place random tiles on the map
* Move tiles with WASD keys

I created some of the tiles in a single sprite sheet like this:

Then you can play the first prototype with WASD key – focus the canvas first.

There is still some work to do as tiles do not match, but the main engine which controls tile movement is ok.

Have a look at the fully commented source code:

Next time I am going to add animation to tile movement and the capability of matching tiles. Meanwhile download the source code.