HTML5 player movement like in popular iOS game “Back to Square One” made with Phaser

One of the latest Umbrella Games hits on the App Store is Back to Square One.

It’s a platform game with a single tap control scheme that’s a perfect fit for mobile devices. Roll from tile to tile, while avoiding numerous obstacles and collecting coins. Sounds easy? Think again! You’ll need to pay close attention, or you’re back to square one!

Umbrella games always publishes simple but awesome games, I already blogged about Boom Dots and Down the Mountain so have a look at them too!

Back to our game, it’s an horizontal endless runner, and like most of the endless runner the player actually does not run, it’s the whole environment which moves towards the player to give the illusion of movement.

The basic prototype was very easy to create, the only difficult thing was handling pivot points in player movement as it’s a rotating square.

Have a look at the prototype:

Click or tap on the canvas to make the player move and the terrain scroll.

Have a look at the fully commented source code:

Next time we’ll add different terrain types, coins and enemies. Meanwhile download the source code of the entire project.

  • Mate, have you a source code of prototype enemies which moving with yoyo effect? Thanks!