How to use FGL Enhance to quickly monetize your mobile games without even changing a line of code

Since FGL Enhance has been updated to 2.0 with a lot of new features, I decided I will be using it to – guess what – enhance my mobile games by making them monetizable in an easy and quick way.

Today I enhanced my first game, soon to be published, and I wanted to share with you the entire process to let you see how easy this can be.

First, you need to create an account with FGL Enhance but if you are an old FGL user, you can still use your existing account.

The wizard which will guide you through the process is very easy to follow, and the first question is: do you want FGL to handle everything for you or do you want to choose your SDKs by yourself?

I like to MAKE games, so I dediced to let FGL handle everything for me.

The second step features another question: do you want to manually place ad calls, by using a drag and drop library and writing one or two lines of code, or do you want to run just preroll ads – ads showing before game starts – with no code required?

Since the game I am testing was developed with Phaser then ported to mobile with Cordova and Android Studio, and at the moment there isn’t a Cordova plugin for FGL Enhance, I selected preroll ads.

Now it’s time to upload your app, you can upload both an apk (Android) or ipa (iOS) app and the system will continue accordingly.

Since I uploaded an apk app for Android devices, I am asked to upload my certificate. If you are using Android Studio, you can find all the information about signing your app and creating a certificate in this official page. This is the actual page where I learned to sign my Android app.

At this time your job is done, and FGL starts enhancing your app. Normally it takes less than a minute.

And here you go! The enhanced app is ready to be downloaded and published in your app store.

That easy? That easy. I will show you the app in a day or two, once it has been published in Google Play. Meanwhile, have a look at FGL Enhance.

  • kek

    I uploaded a 30Mo apk file, “enhanced” it with ads and analytics (no rewarded video) and get a 2 ko apk file to download.
    I tried to put this apk file on my phone, and it says it’s corrupted.
    Did I miss something ? Does FGL host every apk / ipa files and when you download an app from Google Store, in fact it downloads from FGL ?

    • Emanuele Feronato

      I uploaded my apk and got no problem, I uploaded to my phone and worked well, my final size is about 2Mb.

      I don’t think the apps are hosted on FGL, they just build your final package.

      • kek

        Thanks for your answer, maybe a bug from their side. I’ll try again :)

    • This bug was fixed, thank you! Will you, please, try again?