Create the HTML5 engine behind iOS hit Memdot with Phaser

Did you play Memdot by Appsolute Games, the same team behind Dashy Panda game I already explained?

It’s a tiny free iOSgame which has been featured on the app store. Some colored circles enter the stage in a fancy way. The the stage fades out to a random color and circles disappear. You have to touch all circles with the same color as stage color.

Easier to play than to explain, as usual.


This game is also perfect to start a new tutorial series, we will see how to create the engine which manages circles entering the stage, background color fading in, and you selecting the circle (or the circles) matching background color.

Again, it’s way simpler playing than explaining, to test it you may need to reload the game and focus the canvas:

Once the circles disappear, touch the circles with the same color of the background to make them disappear, if you fail you will see the actual color of the circle.

I used a lot of ArrayUtils methods to populate arrays with circles positions and colors then randomly draw and remove them from the array.

You will find ArrayUtils very useful, as you can see the full commented source code:

Next time I will show you how to create a full working game, meanwhile download the source code and obviously play the original game.