Create the HTML5 engine behind iOS hit Memdot with Phaser – step 2: a game prototype

Here we go with the second step of Memdot game engine.

Memdot by Appsolute Games, is a tiny free iOSgame which has been featured on the app store.

In first step, we saw how to create the basic engine, with randomly colored dots entering the stage and the player being able to select them once the stage gets covered by a random color.

Now, we complete the prototype allowing the player to progress through the game and also adding a timer. To make your life easier, running out of time does not mean “game over” but it should. Or you can just use the timer to reward players with a bonus score or stars.

Anyway, this is the prototype of the game. You may need to reload the game and focus the canvas it if you already see the stage covered by a solid color.

There are 4 circles in game, with random colors. More circles can have the same color, but there will be at least two distinct colors on the stage. At a certain time, the stage is covered by a solid color, and circles become transparent. A timer starts. You have to select the circle (or all the circles) with the same color as background color. If you succeed, stage will be uncovered, remaining circles will move away from the stage while new circles come into play. Then the stage will be covered again, and so on.

If you select a wrong circle, it’s game over and the game will restart in a few seconds.

With this prototype we are very close to a complete working Memdot clone, have a look at the completely commented source code:

Apart from the original game being featured in the app store, I see potential in this prototype and will make an halloween game out of it, stay tuned for more news and meanwhile download the source code.