HTML5 game engine to create GameBoy blockbuster “Pyramids of Ra”

Back to early 1990 – 1993 to be accurate – a very interesting game called Pyramids of Ra was published for the Game Boy console.

The goal in Pyramids of Ra is to clear each stage of every tile, while also managing to return to the starting point. Players can move one tile in each direction (up, down, left, right), although it is possible to “jump off” the playing field, as well as the possibility of destroying the incorrect tiles to trap the player or render some tiles inaccessible.

You can find all information about this fun game in the dedicated Giant Bomb page.


So I made a quick but complete prototype of the game, you will be able to play the first level.

You control the grey circle with a swipe, and you have to walk over all white tiles before returning back to start tile (marked with “S”). The problem is tiles fall down once you stepped over them, so mind your moves.

The source code should be quite easy to understand, as all in all it’s just another tile based game:

It would be interesting to port some more levels, you can download the source code and add them on your own.

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