“Pyramids of Ra” HTML5 game engine made with Phaser step 2: adding harder tiles

One month ago I showed you how the HTML5 game engine to create GameBoy blockbuster “Pyramids of Ra” with the first playable level, but the game gets much harder as you progress through the levels, adding new types of tiles.

The first new tile you will find is a harder tile which needs the player to cross it twice before disappearing.

I placed it on level two of the game, so I am sorry but you have to solve level one before seeing the new tile.

You control the grey circle with a swipe, and you have to walk over all white tiles before returning back to start tile (marked with “S”). The problem is tiles fall down once you stepped over them, so mind your moves.

Harder tiles are marked in yellow, and will turn white once you cross them the first time, to disappear when you cross them twice.

The source code is still uncommented because I need to optimize it a bit, but it’s nothing new if you are used to Phaser.

I will be adding more levels and features during next days, as well as a clearly commented source code. Meanwhile you can download the source code and play on your own.