No Blue Monday: here is the commented source code of “Just Jump” HTML5 game – ready to be published on iOS and Android app stores

Today is the blue monday, reported to be the most depressing day of the year.

But we don’t want depression to be among us, so my take on making depression go away and letting happiness come in is to give you the full commented source code of “Just Jump” game, ready to be published on iOS and Android devices as a landscape game.

What’s the difference between the game I am going to release today and the original version?

Easy, this version is optimize to run on any mobile device in landscape mode, and it will be published on iOS and Android app stores to show you the entire process.

The game will have a fixed width which covers the entire width of the device, while its height is stretched to cover the entire height of the devices, then floors height is calculated accordingly.

Look, this is how it would look on a iPhone 6:

And this is how it would look on an iPad:

As you can see, width remain intact while overall game height and floor height changes to cover the full screen area.

And here is the gift to wash away the blue monday, the complete and commented source code:

In a few days you should see it on the most famous stores, with the whole process of publishing clearly explained, meanwhile you can download the source code.

  • jb

    awesome as always! eager to know what packaging solution you chose. Happy new year and thanks for all the tutorials. nb : beware, blue monday is some neuro marketing bullshit to make people buy more (probably useless) things to (arguably) feel better. If you want to feel better on monday, make something fun, different than usual or fix something. You get the same dopamine boost for free and no after effects.

  • Halil

    Hi Emanuele,
    As always perfect and creative. I also wonder what is the packaging solution? You never had a article about it as i know. Thanks again and please do continue. :))