FGL Enhance keeps growing and including new services – Include ads and third party services in your mobile games with no code

I am covering FGL Enhance news with a lot of attention since version 2.0 has been released with tons of new features.

If you don’t know what is FGL Enhance, let me make a quick recap:

Enhance modifies your app to automatically implement third party services including ads, analytics, crash reporting and more.

All you have to do is upload your compiled app file – both Android and iOS are supported – then Enhance works by analysing your app binary to determine where code can be patched and injected in order to add the services you have chosen.

Then your app is patched and updated in the cloud. Any requirements such as SDKs and libraries will be injected automatically. This process is fully automated and takes less than 2 minutes.

Finally you can download your freshly Enhanced app, which now contains all the services you selected.

There’s no development effort to try out new services or to upgrade to new SDK versions. Just run your app through the automated process again and you’ll the latest.

During these days, FGL guys made a new partnership with Phunware and acquired Ads2apk to give you even more ad serving companies to choose from.

You can try it by yourself or see how I added FGL Enhance services to my DrawSum game.