HTML5 Drag and Match engine completed with removable tiles, combos and object pooling to save resources

Finally we are done. If you enjoyed the Drag and Match engine, now it’s completed with tweens, removable tiles, combos, object pooling and everything you need to run your own drag and match game.

Although the prototype is fully working, I will optimize the code a bit during next days while I move on to next prototype, and I would also like to create a class to handle all match-3 game stuff such as board creation, move management, routine to check for valid moves, and so on.

But at the moment I am quite satisfied of the result:

What can I say… the prototype has all the features you should expect, so give it a try, drag to match three or more tiles of the same color and see what happens. if you have a mobile device you can play directly from this link.

Tweens are very slow to let you see how the engine is working.

The source code is huge, about 500 lines, so I am giving it to you without comments at the moment, while I am studying a way to turn it into something more clear, but if you followed the series about Drag and Match engine you shouldn’t get into too much trouble.

And if you want to play with the source code, here is your download link. Have fun.