HTML5 deck of cards management – a first, simple game

Finally the first prototype of a game built upon a HTML5 is ready to be played. Given a card, you simply have to guess if next card is higher or lower, with aces considered the lowest (value of 1) and kings being considered the highest (value of 13).

I already made a similar game in 2007, it was called GuessNext and later in 2011 I ported it to mobile phones using jQuery Mobile.

Swipe controls and an “how to play” mode complete the prototype. Here it is:

Simply swipe up if you think next card will be higher than current card, and swipe down if you think next card will be lower than current card. You will keep on playing until you select the wrong answer, then the game restarts.

If you have a mobile device, you can play the game from this link.

The source code is less than 150 lines, still uncommented but fairly easy to understand:

Next time you’ll see this prototype turned into a fully functional game, meanwhile download the source code.