Phaser Arcade Slopes Plugin updated to v0.2 – Bring your HTML5 platform games to a new dimension

Studying the creation of a good Phaser platform game, I always wanted to include slopes in platform game design. About a year ago I blogged about my take on handling slopes with Phaser and ARCADE physics and was quite happy with it, until Hexus made an awesome Phaser slope plugin.

Almost a year passed, and now Hexus is back with a big update which includes:

* 24 new tile types
* SAT-driven collision handling
* Unobtrusive and cooperative integration with Arcade Physics
* Heuristic SAT restraints that prevent AABBs catching on hidden edges
* Supports for sprites, groups, particle emitters and circular physics bodies

This definitively should bring this plugin into your must have Phaser tools.

Moreover, it cames with a simple tileset generator which will make it easy to generate a simple tilesheet for the Arcade Slopes plugin.

Highly recommented, give it a try. I will post an example next week.