Save the date!! The Construct 3 public beta starts on March 28

You know I can’t wait to put my hands on Construct 3, and finally we have a date: initially announced to be in early April, public beta will start on March 28.

According to the official blog entry, initially, the public beta will be limited to just the free edition to get as much broader testing as possibile to ensure everything is stable, with subscriptions to go on sale a bit later, then the full launch of Construct 3 as a finished product expected by the end of summer 2017.

Let’s make a small recap of what Construct 3 is expected to be:

A browser-based editor: starting Construct 3 is as simple as visiting a web page, although you can continue to work away while offline. Moreover, there will be desktop builds of Construct 3 to cover the surprisingly few features that can’t be achieved in a browser — such as using folder-based projects, and launching external programs.

An editor which can be used anywhere: on Windows, macOS, Linux, Chromebooks and — in an industry first — on Android.

Cloud save which allows you to simply walk up to any new device, open Construct 3 in the browser, log in and open your project. No fuss with installers, permissions, transferring files, or configuring addons.

Live Previews to get an instant interactive preview of objects.

We’ll see on March 28 with the first Construct 3 tutorial, quite excited about it.