Play “Alien Drop”, HTML5 game built upon “Pudi” tutorial.

Did you enjoy Pudi tutorial?

I made an entire game out of it, really really similar to the original game, “how to play” section included.

I made it with Phaser CE 2.7.5, it’s called Alien Drop and you can see it here:

If you have a mobile device, play it on this link.

I won’t tell you how to play because there’s an in-game tutorial, so let’s hope you will find it quite clear.

The complete source code will be released soon, meanwhile some tech information:

* Made with Phaser CE 2.7.5

* 447 lines of code, 63 of them just to tell you how to play, so we are under 400 lines of effective code.

* Secured with JScrambler.

* Entirely built using white images on transparent background, applying colors on the fly using tint.

* 5 game states: preload, game title, the game itself, game over and contratulations screen.

More information about the making of the game during next days, meanwhile play it and give me feedback.