HTML5 fully working prototype of iOS “Zhed” puzzle game with 10 playable levels made with no code thanks to Construct 3

Finally I got some time to test the new Construct 3 engine.

Since around the web it’s full of “move a character over a platform” tutorials, I am going to show you something more complex from a certain point of view. Although the game I am about to show you features no platforms, no characters and no physics, it’s a tile based game which requires you to know something about Construct in order to make it work.

Did I mention tje game? Zhed by Ground Control Studios. It’s an instant classic puzzle game based on a simple mechanic with no timers, no clocks, no stars and no tricks, just pure puzzles for you to enjoy.

And using Construct 3 and my web browser, I was able to create the first 10 levels, for you to play:

Tap a square and select a direction (upwards, downwards, to the left and to the right). See how the square reacts when they intersect with each other, and build a path to fill the goal square. When you finished, the next level will show up! If you get stuck, press “Restart” button.

While I will share my full impressions about Construct 3 during next days, it was fun to make a game using only a web browser and a drag and drop interface, and the whole game is made in just 24 actions:

I strongly encourage you to try Construct 3, you can also download the full project. Dod you beat level 10?