Welcome Learn Lazer!! This site will contain all completed projects, books and tutorials

Today I want to introduce you a new website I created, called Learn Lazer.

Have a look at it now if you want, then read the story of the site and why it was created.


Back to the end of 2015, Richard Davey, the mind behing the awesome HTML5 framework Phaser, announced the name of the future version of his engine: “Lazer”.

The reasons behind the name change were clear: Richard was afraid he could have copyright issue with the name “Phaser” since it’s also used in Star Trek series – the famous Phaser rifle.

So he decided he would have named “Lazer” the 3.0 version of Phaser, and announced it on Phaser official blog entry.

At that point I had an idea: I wanted to collect all my Phaser tutorials in a single site, and asked Richard the permission to register the domain learnlazer.com.

Some months later, listening to various Phaser users which suggested to keep “Phaser” name, Richard decided Phaser 3 will be called… well, Phaser 3.

At this time I had a useless domain, but instead of letting it expire and register something more meaningful to Phaser world, I decided to keep it and use to create a repository for all my completed projects, books and tutorials, including but no limited to Phaser stuff.

And this is the story of the domain name. Now, let’s talk about the site.

I wanted to use WordPress because there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when you have to deal with dynamic content and fast editing. I purchased 3 themes on ThemeForest just to see it was too complicated to fit them to my needs, being them full of shortcodes, children themes to deal with and workarounds to make things work like I wanted.

So I remembered I am a PROgrammer, that is a guy who can code. I download the FREE BlankSlate theme and started playing with it until I got the layout I wanted and – above all – it was fun.

And this is Learn Lazer. I will continue to write on thos blog as usual, you can follow step by step tutorials and once a project is completed, it will be also available on Learn Lazer. This way you will find a lot of completed projects in the same place without browsing through a ton of pages.

At the time of writing I have only three books and a game uploaded on Learn Lazer, but I will add content at… Lazer speed.

Have a look at it and give me feedback.

  • “lazer” is a Portuguese word, it means leisure, recreation.

  • Richnou

    If you need some help with WordPress, ask me… I know it quite well (better than Phaser…)