Win a free year subscription for Construct 3 with the “Good Things Come in Threes” game jam

If you liked the post HTML5 fully working prototype of iOS “Zhed” puzzle game with 10 playable levels made with no code thanks to Construct 3 and the easy way you can make HTML5 games without coding thanks to Construct 3, the full version of the famous editor is ready to be unlocked for the Newgrounds GameJam which starts next week with the theme “Good Things Come in Threes”.

To let you unleash your game design power, Construct 3 will be unlocked during all the game jam period, so you’ll have the fully featured version at your fingertips to bring your ideas to life.

And it’s quite a long Jam, since it lasts two weeks, running from May 15 to May 28.

As this is a Jam to celebrate Construct 3, only Construct 3 games can be submitted.

By building a full game (even if you don’t decide to submit it), not only do you get to try the full version of Construct 3, but you’ll also be helping the guys behind the editor to improve the program by submitting bug reports, giving us feedback etc.

And there’s a free year’s subscription for Construct 3 as a prize for the top three games. Plus, the best game will be featured on the home page of Newgrounds.

Any idea for a game design in topic with “Good Things Come in Threes”?

Check the official blog entry and apply for the jam.