11 (E – L – E – V – E – N) years of blogging

Day after day, post after post, the blog turned 11.

11 years passed since I wrote my first post, trying to have WordPress in two or more languages without using any plugin.

Blogging for 11 years is not easy, especially when you blog about stuff related to technology, which evolves faster and faster.

I would like to celebrate this anniversary with a recap of all birthday posts, to show you how I am celebrating the blog over the years:

1 Year old: I asked for a donation to buy a cake. LOL. And happy because I had a Page Rank of 7. LOL again.

2 Years old: the site was under attack several times, was marked as an harmful site bt Google.

3 Years old: reached the 500 posts milestone.

4 Years old: seriously thinking about a redesign to handle such an amount of information.

5 Years old: asking for a cake. Yes, again.

6 Years old: making a recap of the most interesting posts of the year, most of them Box2D related.

7 Years old: showing a list of the 12 best performing posts made in that year.

8 Years old: comparing the age of my blog with the age of other theck products such as the first iPhone or the first stable release of AS3.

9 Years old: just promising to keep on blogging… well that’s what I am doing.

10 Years old: great milestone, with a list of other blogs and sites which did not make it. Sad.

Ok, so what is going on next year? A big blog redesign coming by the end of this summer, more books, more games, more source code and zero ads, as I am doing since 2011.

And, obviously a big THANK YOU for reading and supporting me.

  • Budi

    Congrats Em! I’m still keeping my eyes on you.

  • Emanuel congrats! Been at it like 8 years myself, but only 3 doing it really right.


  • Congratulations! Access daily your site in search of new content, and I search a lot in the old posts.
    Please, always continue, I love it!

  • Congrats Em! And thank you very much, you are the coach of my game developing career.

  • Congrats! I follow your blog all these years, mainly to be informed about new services and tools (like MochiAds and FGL wich I discovered here many many years ago). I was also pleasantly surprised when you created a tutorial based on one of my games (Planet Revenge). Thank you for the great site.