Play “Ladderz”, the complete HTML5 game based on “Mike Dangers” concept

And finally we have a complete game to play. Without sounds, because well, just add them if you want, it’s not a commercial game.

The “Mike Dangers” series developed with Phaser ends with this game, which I called “Ladderz”, but I will port it to other engines.

Also, a more complete and polished version is coming to your screens, with a full “How to” guide, so stay tuned.

You know the game: climb ladders, collect diamonds and avoid spikes, score is determined multiplying the floor reached by the number of diamonds collected. Also, every floor can be played and it’s not “impossible”, so if you fail, don’t blame on the game.

I also tried to keep the code as clean as possible, if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask:

We have a complete game in less than 400 lines, but if you have some new features in mind, leave a comment and I’ll try to add them to the game. Also, download the source code and play with it

  • Not sure if it’s just me, but there seems to be a delay when clicking and the character jumping. Makes it difficult to play. Found the same issues with a few of your earlier prototypes of this game as well.

    • Not sure whether there is a delay but its too difficult to play

      from yesterday i am trying to go to at least 5 levels but not possible

      I didn’t check the code but will check it

    • Yes, this delay happens. It’s because it is using ‘onTap’ instead of ‘onDown’. In this way, the game waits you release the screen (or mouse button) to execute the action. I’ve upload a version with ‘onDown’, you can try it here: (for me the control is much better, and easier, in this way).

      • Your version works a lot better. I am new to Phaser and haven’t done much in it myself, but is it possible to use both onTap and onDown together? Seems be a disadvantage if only one of the two can be used if each provide a different result.

      • Emanuele Feronato

        Yeah, all in all onDown seems to work better on arcade skill games, while onTap – with double tap checking – works better on puzzle games.