HTML5 platformer prototype inspired by iOS hit “Yeah Bunny” thanks to Phaser and ARCADE physics

During these days I am playing, among other games, Yeah Bunny by Adrian Zarzycki.

It’s a cute game which reminds me old Taito platformers, just reimagined for mobile control.

The bunny runs automatically, changes direction each time it hits an obstacle, can jump, double jump, perform wall jump and slide down the walls. Uh, and since levels in Yeah Bunny are larger than the screen, the camera follows automatically the bunny – yeah, you control a bunny.

A lot of controls, which may seem really hard to replicate. Well, thanks to Phaser and ARCADE phyiscs, starting from the script I showed you in the post The basics behind “wall jump” in platform games. HTML5 prototype made with Phaser and ARCADE physics, we can have a complete prototype made in a few lines.

Have a look:

Just click or tap to make the character jump, double jump, climb the walls and explore the level. If you have a mobile device, you can play the prototype directly from this link.

And what about the source code? Did I really make this prototype with just a few lines? Have a look by yourself, the code is commented line by line:

This is what you can make in a short time thanks to Phaser and ARCADE physics, next time I’ll show you how to collect objects and avoid enemies, meanwhile download the source code.

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