Adobe announced Flash official death date, stick to HTML5 if you didn’t already

If you had the chance to surf the web during the last two days, you should already know Adobe planned the end of Flash life. According to the official post, Adobe will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player at the end of 2020, while encouraing content creators to migrate any existing Flash content to these new open formats.

While we already knew flash was going to die, now not only we have an official Adobe post about it, but we also have a date. 2021 will start without Flash.

Talking about games, what is the situation today and what are we likely to expect during next two years?

According to this post on Kongregate official blog, HTML5 is here. has had 500-1500 games uploaded every month for nearly a decade, with over 100,000 games to date, with Flash dominating other technologies, including HTML5 which Kongregate started supporting natively since 2013.

But currently about 55% of uploaded games are HTML5 games. And if you think most of the HTML5 games are pure garbage and that 55% means nothing, most of the games released this year with more than 10K plays and with an average score above 4 stars are HTML5.

What does this mean? Flash will die in a couple of years, and HTML5 is going to be the next “Flash” for a very long time.

The official Adobe post is changing everything. Publishers will not want anymore to host and sponsor Flash games as they know they won’t be able to be played within a couple of years, and there’s no reason HTML5 won’t be the king of web games during the next decade.

So I am positively sticking to HTML5 development, as I am doing since MochiMedia closed, back to 2014. I repeat, I am sticking to HTML5 development.

Will you?

  • The official death date was when Adobe bought it from Macromedia – we just got to play with the corpse for a while.