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3 HTML5 games which are way better than any Flash game

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When we talk about HTML5 Vs Flash games, HTML5 technology is often seen as the “oh let’s me see that minesweeper” choice.

This is probably due to the large amount of low quality games developed with HTML5. Actually, there are way more low quality Flash games around the web, so probably the point is there isn’t a really great HTML5 game released in the wild.

This is the reason why a lot of former Flash developers skip HTML5 and start learning Unity.

Today I am showing you three HTML5 games which are better than any Flash game I can remember.

Strike Tactics – Developed with Phaser

Strike Tactics is a fast-paced RTS where you harvest, build, attack, defend and conquer your opponents with a classic RTS formula, using a huge unit roster with over 20 military units each with unique weaponry and capabilities as well as super weapons which shoot halfway across the map not to menion hover tanks, bombers, mechs and enormous flying battleships.

You can play a demo of the game at this link.

Airscape: The Fall of Gravity – Developed with Construct2

Airscape is an action platformer about an octopus lost in a strange and dangerous world. Created by a team of students from around the world, Airscape combines innovative gravity mechanics, devious obstacles, and questionable physics. Airscape is currently available below on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You can get the game for as low as 2 bucks on Steam.

Mad World – Developed with Jandi Engine

While still under development, this cross-platform HTML5 MMORPG looks extremely promising. It’s powered by the in-house “Jandi Engine”, optimized for HTML5 MMORPGs.

Some members of the Korean team behind Mad World worked on Metin game, so I am expecting a lot about them.

Do you think there are other HTML5 games which deserve to be part of this list? Let me know.

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  1. Darshan Rane

    I agree with both of you Filippo and Emanuele these are great games, there is whole lot of bad/good games in both HTML5 and Flash. But why so negativity with Flash which I dont understand. Flash as we all now is already phasing out.

    I started my career as flash developer, these days I develop games majorly in HTML5 either using PhaserJS or plain JS and planing to get my hand both on unity and unreal. I personally have followed your blog since I started my career and have learned a lot from it both in Flash and HTML5, PhaserJS.

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