How to integrate Gamedistribution API in your HTML5 game and start distributing/monetizing it

Did you hear about

According to the official website, it’s the biggest broker of high quality, cross-platform games and connects the best game developers to the biggest publishers.

I have to say I did not test it yet (but I will), but there is a nice HTML5 catalog in the site, including the games developed by OrangeGames which is quite a big studio.

Gamedistribution gives developers an easy integration API to make your game benefit of Gamedistribution services, so I tried to integrate their HTML5 API on my Just Jump game whose commented source code is available to be downloaded for free at LearnLazer site.

So once you register as a developer and have your game in the dashboard like I did:

You can change index.html this way:

Use your own Game and User IDs, and that’s what you’ll get in your dashboard:

Did you see? After a while, an advertising pops into your game. I showed you this simple example to introduce Gamedistribution service, but I will try with a more polished game to test how it performs.

  • ALC

    Hello Emanuele,

    How can I stop the game sounds when the advertising pops? I try this in the resumeGame function: “game.sound.mute = false;” but it’s not working.