Play “Ladderz” game on your Android devices – from HTML5 to native Google Play app thanks to

Last tuesday I published the commented source code of “Ladderz” HTML5 game, made with Phaser.

I said it’s a “cross platform” game, and to show you it’s actually a cross platform game now you can download as a native app from Google Play, in the picture below you can see it on its Google Play page and on my daughter’s Huawei (she is forced to install my games, play them and pretend to find them awesome).

Once you install the game, you’ll see it running at 60fps with no compromise. Ok, it’s just a simple HTML5 game but I saw simpler HTML5 games run really bad once turned into native apps.

I made the port in less than five minutes without installing any software or SDK by compiling it directly on the cloud thanks to which provides all the tools and services to build awesome native HTML5 apps and games with a simple workflow and all the power of Cordova.

Long story short, you upload a zip file to Cocoon cloud compiler, and you download the apk file ready to be published in Google Play store. That simple.

During next week I’ll explain some more in depth how to make small changes to your game to make it run even smoothly and how to include plugins.

The final source code of the HTML5 game which was submitted to will be also given as a free update to the loyal blog readers who downloaded my commented source code of “Ladderz” HTML5 game.

But at the moment, just download Ladderz from Google Play and tell me how does it work on your phone.

  • “she is forced to install my games, play them and pretend to find them awesome” you made my day :)
    How about porting on iOS?

    • Emanuele Feronato

      The game has been ported both for iOS and Android, it’s just Apple store takes longer before approving a game, some days (Apple) Vs a couple of hours (Google Play)

  • Mike C.

    I installed Ladderz on my LG destiny, a fairly low end phone, and to my surprise it ran flawlessly. I’ve tried other HTML5 games in the past and they either ran really slow or not at all. Good Job!

    On issue though, Is it not possible to make the game go full screen? Both the notification bar at the top and the navigation bar at the bottom were still on screen.

    • Emanuele Feronato

      It’s an option you can set during the process of porting the game. I just find easier to have navigation bar always visible, at least in games which do not absolutely require the largest area possible.

  • It reminds me a lot of the game that published the previous year

    It’s done with Haxeflixel

    • Emanuele Feronato

      Yes, did not know that game, looks nice!

  • to

    Hi, curious why you choose instead of phonegap which offers a similar service? easier, faster, more options? iirc, you have to pay $500 to remove the branding.

    • Emanuele Feronato

      I will also try Phonegap Build, with another project, then I will compare them.