“Mass Attack” HTML5 game made with Phaser 3 – code optimized by Richard Davey

When I showed you the Phaser 3.0 prototype of Mass Attack I wasn’t able to write optimized code due to a lack of documentation so I had to make some workaround to make things work.

A few minutes after I published the game, Richard Davey rewrote my prototype in a more optimized way, and since he’s the brain behind Phaser, it’s an invaluable contribution, we can say we have an official blueprint for Phaser 3 games.

Click-touch and hold to create a sphere, release to drop the sphere, watch it bounce on the balance and move it accordingly.

Here is the source code, for you to study:

While you download the source code, I would like to say “thank you” to Richard for spending his time fixing my code. Next time I will create something better.