New blog logo! (and yes I screwed up the theme, we’ll talk about it later)

Ok, let me be honest. I was working in the spare time on a new theme for the blog. I wanted it clean, minimal and flat. With no frills and focused on content, since I have more than 1500 posts. Uh, and responsive. With a brand new logo.

The only thing I managed to have so far is the brand new logo. Do you like it?

On the right, the old logo, made in december 2008 by The Logo Company. I liked their work, but I wanted to change the logo with something more modern and cartoonish.

I was about to commit the work to The Logo Company when I stumbled upon Juan Carlos Arevalo on Fiverr.

I didn’t have positive experiences with Fiverr so far, but I really liked some of the works made by Juan so I wanted him to design my logo. You can see it on the right.

I absolutely recommend Juan, he’s fast, gives quick and great feedback and has some great communication skills. Other than an awesome hand when it’s time to design logos.

Want to see how a logo designer works? Here is the screen capture of the first sketches:

I really would like you to tell me what do you think about the logo, I was attached to the old one, but hey I love the new one.

And what about the theme? I was designing the new theme in the spare time, called the wrong function, messed up the old theme, had to do something to make the site work while I am fixing it (feeback about the site is appreciated too).

  • Hey Em!

    yeah, agree. the new one looks more muscle. :P

    • Emanuele Feronato

      thank you!!

  • Richnou

    Very nice, clean, etc. I like it !

    The responsive version maybe need some little work (for the menu…)

    Don’t forget an important tool : search engine :-)


    • Emanuele Feronato

      oh, there’s still A LOT to do…

  • Hi,

    This link is broken:

    It is very strange because if you change “gamedevjsweekly” for “gamedevjsweekly2” it works.

    • Emanuele Feronato

      I just opened it with “gamedevjsweekly” and it works

  • Hans W├╝rstchen


    your rss feed is broken. responds empty since a month or so.

  • Deegan

    Hey, artist here, I like your new logo, I just made some small tweaks you could consider to improve it:

    • Emanuele Feronato

      yeah, it looks better with the bigger circle, thank you!!

  • Dony

    Nice logo , I like it.
    while, it’s really take me minutes to find comment textarea of this new theme, beacause this comment-plugin use some block site in china , so it is blind to me,haha.

    but anyway, i finally leave the message, your logo is really nice!