Play “znumberz” game on your Android device – simple but addictive free math puzzle game made with Phaser

You are all invited to play znumberz game on your Android devices. It’s simple, addictive and free.

It’s inspired by my zNumbers prototype, but while the original game had only 10 levels, I improved it with a series of new features.

Now the game has 4 different game modes:

Original, where you can play the original 10 levels designed by Karl Bartel

Daily, featuring 20 new levels every day

Hard, with 50 of the most difficult levels… I am afraid you will never beat them

Timed, trying to solve easy levels against time.

I made the game with Phaser, then wrapped with as described in this post, one feature I am particularly proud of is the level generator, which allows you to play 20 new solvable levels every day, playing with the random seed so that you all will be playing the same random levels.

The 50 hard levels have been generated in the same way, as well as the easy levels for the time attack mode, with the only difference they are really random so each time you play you will find new levels.

This is my 3rd Android game after Drawsum and Ladderz, this one with the commented source code available.

It would be great if you play it, enjoy it, give me feedback and spread the voice. Get znumberz for your Android device!