Prototype of “Tipsy Tower” made in a couple of minutes with Construct 3

Recently I had some fun with Tipsy Tower for iOS made by Eric Brill.

You simply have to stack blocks and build the highest stack possible, and besides being a fun minigame, it’s perfect for a tutorial series.

The first example I am showing you is made with Construct 3, and can really be made in a matter of minutes.

Here it is:

Click to drop the block.

There are three type of blocks in the game:

* The moving block at the top, that it’s not a physics block, only an image moving from left to right

* The falling block, which is created in the same place of the moving block when the player clicks and has physics applied

* The ground block, which has physics applied and it’s an immovable body.

Here is the event sheet:

Let’s see it in detail block by block:

1 – When left mouse button is clicked and the moving block is visible, then create a physics block in the same position of moving block, them set moving block to invisible, wait two seconds to turn moving block visible once again.

2 – At every tick (frame), move the moving block by 4 pixels in directionAngle angle. I defined directionAngle as a moving block property and can be 180 (to the left) or 0 (to the right).

3 – If moving block reached the right of the stage, then set directionAngle to move it to the left.

4 – If moving block reached the left of the stage, then set directionAngle to move it to the right.

5 – If the physics block leaves the stage, then destroy it.

And that’s it, with only five instructions we created the first Tipsy Tower prototype. There’s some still to do, but will be added later, meanwhile download the Construct 3 project.

  • MachoMan

    Thank you for the lesson!
    To be continued?