“Tipsy Tower” HTML5 prototype made with Phaser and Box2D

After the prototypes made with Construct and Unity, now it’s time to create the first step of “Tipsy Tower” using Phaser and Box2D.

The basic version of Phaser does not include Box2D physics, but there’s an awesome Box2D premium plugin which allows you to add all features of the most famous rigid bodies 2D phyiscs engine in the world.

Here is the Phaser prototype, using the free platformer art tileset provided by Game Art 2D:

Click to drop the crate. If you have a mobile phone, play the prototype directly at this link.

And here is the source code, still uncommented since it’s only a bunch of lines, I will add comments when there will be some more features:

Just a quick note: I am calling preUpdate method on the ground and on the falling crate (lines 34 and 46) because of a glitch due to my Chrome + Video driver, it’s not a Phaser issue but something related to the machine it’s running on, as explained in this thread.

I had it on an old laptop, so I added these two lines to fix it, I think you can easily comment them and have your game running nicely anyway. Download the source code and don’t remember to get the Box2D plugin, it will give your games a new twist.

  • fago

    As always… great work!

    • Emanuele Feronato

      thank you! Just released 2nd step!