Taking Unity seriously: Unity Plus subscription activated

If you are a Unity user, you should know what this image means:

The dark skin (they call it “Pro Editor Skin UI”), replacing the horrible grey skin, means I am using Unity Plus. Yes, I subscribed to Unity Plus, to make some serious things with it.

Purchasing the subscription during the black friday allowed me to get it at $31/month rather than $35/month, with two essential packs with some of the most interesting top selling assets for free (I have to say, I still wonder how to download them).

During 2018 I will release a lot of tutorials about game development using Unity, as well as some mobile games, so if you are a Unity user – or even if you plan to be an Unity user – there’s ome more reason for you to follow the blog.

  • Tomas Rychnovsky

    I also used that offer. Short time after ordering I got email whit subject: “Thank you for subscribing. Get your Essentials Packs inside.” – it instructs you to log into Unity ID and choose you essential packs there.
    About half an hour ago I got another email with subject: “Your Essentials Packs voucher codes”. There are vouchers for free download of every single asset from Asset Store (Redeem Voucher in My Asset Store Account).
    If you did not get these emails, then something is wrong – check your spam folder.

    • Emanuele Feronato

      Thank you!! I got them. Did you get the tshirt too?

      • Tomas Rychnovsky

        Not yet. You should get email from kotisdesign with UPS tracking number (they are located in US). I got email on 29.11. Unfortunately, UPS delivered it only into my country and passed it to local post office … which has very bad reputation… But it is still time.