“Tipsy Tower” prototype made with Unity and C# – Step 2: camera zoom, timer, score and responsive canvas elements

The tutorial series about Tipsy Tower continues with another update, this time using Unity (I told you I am taking it seriously).

I added a lot of features to the first prototype, like the zoomable camera – which actually zooms, unlike the one I did with Phaser – a gradient background, a timer which only counts but does not stop the game at the moment, for a testing purpose, a score system and a responsive canvas background.

Click to drop a crate.

Although most of the concepts have been explained in the completely commented source code, some features like the canvas background and texts would need a video or a series of images to be explained in depth.

While I am thinking about the best way to show you how to create a game from scratch with Unity, have a look at the code, I commeted it line by line and you’ll surely learn something from it, especially if you read the first step before digging into this version.




Next time I’ll show you the final game, with some more extra features, meanwhile download the complete unity project.

  • Bimaswara Adam

    Hey, emanuele. this is a great work.