“Tipsy Tower” HTML5 prototype made with Defold

Believe me, I have some other tutorial series about new games on their ways, but it seems Tipsy Tower tutorial series is getting more and more interest, with readers asking me to add features and showing their prototypes.

Björn Ritzl is a die hard Defold user who already ported my versions of Mike Dangers and zNumbers on Defold, and now hes’ back with the Defold version of Tipsy Tower.

A brief recap about Defold, it’s the “free forever” 2D engine used by King to develop some of their games.

Back to Tipsy Tower, here is Defold version, with nice sprites taken from the platformer pack graphics made by Kenney.

Click to drop a crate.

It uses LUA as programming language, and it’s quite easy to unserstand:

And now we also have a Defold version of Tipsy Tower, with realistic physics and zooming camera, as well as a scoring system.

To get the entire project, check the official GitHub page.