Play “Stack the Crates” HTML5 game, my take on “Tipsy Tower” concept – source code available

Another day, another Tipsy Tower post, this time to show you my take on this concept.

It has all features required from a HTML5 game, including the “wrong orientation” detection and a responsive way to place some elements which should make the game look nice on every device (it could be a song: my game looks nice / on every device / play it once or twice / drinkin’ lemon ice), but it only has one game state.

If you want to create something interesting out of it, I suggest you to add at least a “preload” standalone state.

Anyway, a full native iOS/Android app is on its way, along with all required states and commented source code.

Look at the game:

If you have a mobile device, you can play the game directly from this link.

You have one minute to drop as many crates as you can while trying to get the highest stack possible.

Just about 200 lines of code to crate the entire game, thanks to the Box2D plugin, but I’ll try to get the same results with p2 physics:

A commented source code will follow once the iOS and Android versions have been released, meanwhile download the source code and try to score more than 50.